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Featured Executive:


Michael R.

Michael R. is a seasoned Chief Executive Officer, a Proven Leader / Executive Mentor & Board Member.

A forward-thinking, energetic, and dynamic leader with proven success in a variety of industries, entrepreneurial activities, and community efforts.   

Uniquely talented at building trust and in taking organizations to higher levels of performance to optimize ownership / stakeholder value with an established track record of successful business exits.       Read more >

Featured Advisor:

Michele Brant


Michele Brant

Michele Brant is Vice President, Executive Advisor and Executive Coach for Premier Executives.  

Her portfolio includes Wells Fargo, Salvation Army, Bank of America, Charlotte Housing Authority, Carolinas Healthcare System, Verizon, and Goodwill.

Michele has over 30 years of experience working with countless clients at Board-Level, C-Level, VP- and Director-Level Executives.       Read more >