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Executive Advisory Services

Leadership Training

The most effective Leaders inspire a partnership between the organization, its managers and its employees.

Business Leaders manage Business Teams, which consist of Team Members.  Team Members are looking for interesting or meaningful work - yet most will define “interesting” or “meaningful” differently.  

As a result, even the most well-intentioned and high-potential programs can fall short for everyone - simply because organizational goals, managerial priorities and aspirations do not align.

To succeed, organizations need to:

•   Identify and prioritize essential talents and skills.

•   Understand your Team's talents and skills.

•   Help Team members understand what drives them.

•   Hold managers accountable for coaching.

•   Provide development opportunities.

•   Understand what makes exceptional leaders.

Premier Executives consultants are experts and can meet at your location.  Whether you are trying to redefine your culture, leverage your existing culture to survive challenging times or somewhere in between, we will determine a custom strategy and provide tools for you to succeed.

Premier Executive Assessments

By targeting team Executive Team Leaders, Premier Executives escalates their commitment and autonomy to improve their teams, divisions and other Executive Management members.  We can help improve their skills, first by assessing prevalent strengths and validating where improvement will positively effect the organization.

We will define and redefine overall performance assessments, distinct talent criteria and 360-degree feedback.  We inspire those who must inspire others within their management structure and within their corporate cultures.

Each assessment review defines each of these areas and critical factors within the organization — we guide through detailed assessment reports with the buy-in needed to move forward:

•   Our approach is executive-friendly, spirited and exceptionally natural throughout the process. 

•   Premier Executive Assessments are never the same — they are specifically detailed to the individual.

Together we will address every aspect of the organization's culture of cultures.  Within the this scope of work, we will implement critical areas for Diversity, cornerstones in management of globalization processes and increasingly-complex organizational cultures.

In our quest to achieve this, we provide a learning framework which makes full use of a range of tools designed to raise awareness and foster diversity:

•   We will forge an incredibly compelling case for Diversity and comprehensive ways to deliver wide-sweeping, positive change.

•   Our process is quite complex, yet we administer carefully.  It is graceful throughout the design and development stage.

In the end, the organization will have invested in paths to success that will last for years to come - if not decades to come.