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Board of Directors & Advisory Board Search

The most respected and productive boards are strategically minded for the long term with a fine balance of participation and influence.  A Board of Directors and Advisory Board members are critical to a successful organization.

We are advisers for diverse Board Level leadership. 

Premier Executives has all of the necessary resources to match board members with the right organization, now and again with more than one, when it creates the mutual, win-win-win advantage.

Our team specializes in retained executive search and leadership advisory services for Fortune 500 companies.  We serve major corporations within a wide range of roles for Board of Directors and Advisory Boards teams — we form the valued relationships you need to bring exceptional results for your organization. 

Premier Executives performs across several industries including Healthcare, Financial Services, Sports & Entertainment, Real Estate and Technology.  Our clients include publicly traded companies and corporations, major private companies and businesses, as well as early-stage startups and nonprofit organizations.

  • We have an established team, which offers industry-leading thought leadership strategies for board-related issues.
  • Our clients gain a unique perspective on board perspectives and cultivation, where we can help you in confidence.

Overall, your board needs to be built carefully and strategically from the beginning and for the long term.  We can help with building culture and leadership, board development, compensation assessments, best practices, on-boarding and orientation.  Ask us how.

C-Level Executive Search

Your organization wants and needs the top leadership to produce sustainable results.  We are experts on assessing current and future needs, which makes the CEO / C-Level search fluid throughout the entire process.  

  • Our team offers a collective 30+ years of C-Level experience — we have access to leading executive talent in nearly every business sector.
  • We offer a unique, team approach to executive search.  We start by evaluating your existing executive team's performance - again, as a team.  Following a detailed assessment, together we identify key strengths and match future talent to complement those strengths — and areas to improve.

Our sophisticated process ensures the existing leadership and respect remains high — throughout the search and selection process. 

Our process provides local, regional and multi-national search for your organization to advance around the world.  Addressing all areas of corporate strategy, we place Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Technology Officers and Chief Operations Officers for organizations that need only high-quality, high-performing management.

Over our years, we have worked with thousands of candidate assignments.

  • Premier Executives represents over 30 years of experience working with Vice Presidents and Director-Level senior management.  
  • We source only the highly-experienced and high-performing to clients worldwide, which includes planning for the future.

Our processes are cost- and time-effective for you, and because our process accelerates time-to-hire, you are part of our streamline effect.  To gain your edge in an increasingly competitive world, organizations need to become ever more adept in position-specific and project-specific roles.

  • Premier Executives uses our unique, 1-with-many approach through Executive Team Meetings.
  • We facilitate these highly-focused events with multiple team members to identify optimal team chemistry.

Our C-Level Executives have the skills and the highest caliber of industry-specific knowledge.  This is where Premier Executives guides your organization for the future.  Premier Executive Management candidates are pre-qualified with performance-to-promotion career goals.